NFA Gun Trusts 

The prices of our NFA Gun Trusts plus legal guidance are as follows:

  • Maine: $325
  • Massachusetts: $375
  • New Hampshire, Vermont, and other states (w/o co-counsel fee): $175*

*These trusts are provided to residents of states other than Maine or Massachusetts at a lower price to enable clients to work with their local attorney.  

We also price match any fees charged by licensed Maine or Massachusetts attorneys.


Start-up Package for LLCs

Formation Package—$750


• The document which forms your LLC. This is called the “Certificate of Formation” in Maine or the “Certificate of Organization” in Massachusetts.
• An “Operating Agreement” which is also sometimes referred to as a “LLC Agreement”
• Employer Identification Number or “EIN”

By selecting this option, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount on our other services and our hourly rate for 1 year.

Please note that the flat fee for LLC Start-up Package does not include filing fees or expedited service fees. As of June 2014, the filing fee for Massachusetts is $500, with expedited fees of $20 for fax or electronic filing, which are optional and can be avoided by filing by mail; Maine’s filing fee is $175, with expedited service fees of $50 or $100, which are optional.

Estate Planning Packages

Estate Planning Package (single person)—$600 (+$650 for a Revocable Living Trust)

Estate Planning Package (married couples)—$900 (+$1050 for Revocable Living Trusts)

Packages include:  

Simple Will
The will is the centerpiece of your estate plan. It determines who will take your property when you pass, who will administer your estate, and who will serve as a guardian to your minor children.

Living Will
A living will (also known as an “advance health care directive”) deals with end of life decisions if you’re unable to communicate your wishes. Note that while living wills are not binding in Massachusetts, they are useful because they help guide one’s health care agents and physicians about the choices a person would make if they were able.

Health Care Proxy
A health care proxy is the document where you name a health care agent. A health care agent someone who can make health care decisions on your behalf in the event your doctor determines you are unable make or communicate them.

Durable Power of Attorney
A durable power of attorney is similar to a health care proxy, except that with this device you name a person who can act for you in legal, financial and other matters.

Additional Recommended Option: Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust is a trust that you create during your lifetime, which can help you manage your assets or protect you in the event that you become sick or disabled.  They also help avoid the time and expense of probate.


Pet Trusts

Revocable Pet Trusts: $1,000

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