Gun Trusts – Massachusetts & Maine

We are the gun trust experts in Maine and Mass with nearly ten years of experience drafting and amending gun NFA trusts, and advising on the NFA submission process. Our gun trusts are used by thousands of Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, and Vermont gun owners to acquire, make and use NFA items such as SBRs, silencers, machine guns, destructive devices, and AOWs.

For Massachusetts NFA trusts in particular, we help navigate issues such as licensing, Form FA-10 reporting, multi-state trusts, succession planning, and other topics novice attorneys and form vendors can’t and won’t touch.

Since 2014, Red Dog Legal has worked with New England gun-owners to help establish, amend and administer NFA trusts. Please reach out if you have questions: (207) 206-0287 /

Our Pricing: NFA Gun Trusts Starting at $350

Customized revocable NFA gun trusts plus legal guidance:

  • Maine: $350
  • Massachusetts: $450
  • Multi-State: Starting at $350
  • New Hampshire & Vermont (and other states) with local co-counsel, if available: $350
suppressor nfa gun trust maine
Shown in this photo are a number of suppressors (or “silencers”)

What are the benefits of a gun trust?

Lawful Sharing of Your NFA items with other Trustees

With an NFA trust, you can appoint other “trustees” who can each lawfully possess the trust’s NFA items.  If you own NFA items as an individual, only you can lawfully possess those items.

Continuity of Ownership

As with conventional trusts, unless a trustee disposes of trust property, the property will remain within the trust as long as the trust exists.

Estate Planning Benefits

An NFA trust can last for generations (or perpetually in certain states, including Maine and New Hampshire), and will spell out the division of trust property just like a will, allowing you to determine who will take your firearms after your death.