Maine SOT / Class 3 Dealers: Buy Silencers & NFA Items

The Purpose of the Maine SOT / Class 3 Dealer List

As a Maine gun trust lawyer, I’m frequently asked by my Maine gun trust clients where they can buy NFA firearms such as silencers/suppressors, short barreled rifles (“SBR”), short barreled shotguns (“SBS”) and other NFA items in Maine.  Sometimes my Massachusetts gun trust clients ask the same question (some have a summer home in Maine or a trustee who lives in the state). And that’s why I decided to compile this list of Maine gun dealers that sell NFA items.

A Note About Terminology: FFLs, SOTs and Class 3

Technically, a federal firearms licensee or “FFL” that can sell NFA items is called a “Special Occupational Taxpayer” or “SOT”. Sometimes SOTs are called “Class 3 dealers”, but Class 3 is just a subset of SOTs. A Class 3 SOT is a Type 1 FFL, that is permitted to deal or transfer either standard or NFA firearms. A Class 2 SOT is a Type 7 FFL that is permitted to manufacture, deal, or transfer either standard or NFA items. We’ve used the terms “SOT”, Class 3 dealer and NFA dealer interchangeably in this post.

How to Use this List

The list below is intended to be a complete list of Maine SOT/Class 3 dealers, along with links to their websites and the town and city where they are located.  So if you’re looking for a silencer, SBR, or other NFA item in Maine, reach out to one of these Maine NFA dealers. Please tell them we sent you.

Thank You to Those Who Helped

Thanks to the Maine SOTs that responded to my inquiries and to the Gun Owners of Maine Facebook Group users that helped me fill in some gaps.

Are We Missing Some Maine NFA Dealers?

Caveat: It’s likely there are other NFA firearms dealers in Maine.  If I’ve left a gun dealer off the list, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add them.  Any omission is certainly not intentional (except where someone has specifically asked to be excluded). If any dealers want to be left off this list, please let me know and I’ll remove you promptly.


A Squared Armament (Falmouth)

A&G Shooting and Supply (Fairfield)

First Due Firearms (Sabattus)

First Freedom LLC (Lebanon)

Fox Firearms Sales and Training (Vassalboro)

Furlong Custom Creations (Raymond)

G3 Firearms (Turner)

HDS (Bristol)

Howells (Gray)

Kittery Trading Post (Kittery)

Liberty Tree Arms (Waldoboro)

LSS Firearms (Cornish) – Presently doing transfers only

Maine Military Supply (Holden)

MDW Guns (Harrison)

Northeast Firearms (Turner)

Northern Maine Tactical Supply (Fort Fairfield)

S3 Weaponworks (Sanford)

T and K Tactical (Bowdoinham) 

Top Gun of Maine (Poland Spring)

Trident Armory (Herman)

Weaponcraft (Casco)

Windom Indoor Shooting Range and Store (Windham)

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