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Creating a Gun Trust with Trustees in Multiple States, such as New Hampshire & Massachusetts

I recently came across a message on a firearms forum posted by a resident of Massachusetts asking whether he could establish a “New Hampshire gun trust” and acquire/store NFA firearms in New Hampshire.  Forming a Gun Trust with a Co-Trustee in Another State Based on the facts provided, the answer would likely be “no”.  But […]

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Gun Trusts: A Primer

What is a Gun or NFA Trust? Gun trusts go by various names, including “NFA trusts” and “firearms trusts”.  A gun trust is a legal instrument designed for acquiring and holding legal title to firearms.  Most gun trusts are designed to hold title to weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act (or “NFA” for short).  […]

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What NFA Firearms Are Legal to Own in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts you can own short barreled rifles (SBRs), machine guns (if you have a machine gun license or “green card”), factory manufactured short barreled shotguns (SBSs) — theoretically anyway (see below), “Any Other Weapon” (AOWs), and Destructive Devices.  Only law enforcement personnel (while acting in their official capacity) may possess silencers (suppressors). Below we’ll […]

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Where in Maine Can I Buy NFA Items Like Silencers?

Last updated: June 9, 2023 The Purpose of the Maine SOT / Class 3 Dealer List As a Maine gun trust lawyer, I’m frequently asked by my Maine gun trust clients where in Maine they can buy NFA firearms such as silencers/suppressors, short barreled rifles (“SBR”), short barreled shotguns (“SBS”) and other NFA items.  Sometimes […]

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